Besh Cup #5
Saturday, February 1, 2003

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organized by NSC Fairbanks

Here's a progress report and basic information on Besh Cups #5 and #6:

Coaches' Meetings

There will be a two-part coaches' meeting Friday afternoon/evening. At 5:00pm we will have a meeting at Wedgewood Resort in the Gazebo Café. This is the same location at which Team Captains' Meetings will be held during ASAA Championships and JO's. This meeting will be brief and we will just go over a few important points.

At 6:00pm, we will meet at the Timing Building at Birch Hill and take a walk around the venue. This walk around the venue will focus primarily on the Besh Cup, but will also include information that will be helpful for those of you who will have athletes at JO's and/or who will be active at JO's as a coach. This will not take a lot of time, but I think it will be extremely valuable.

The most important information will be how to get from your waxing area to the courses and how to return; how to get from wherever you are to the Start. Please attend this -- we do not want to see JO positions decided by a missed start!


Course/Snow Conditions

Snow on the course is very old. Since October 20 we have only had two snowfalls that amounted to anything, and those were on December 25/26 and January 3/4. Snow skis much warmer than one would think.

Snow is thin in places, but we are hauling snow. We have had a bobcat-style bucket-loader on tracks hauling snow to all thin spots.

There has been considerable shoveling on the Tower Loop downhill, and we have closed that trail to give the snow time to set up.

We will slightly modify the 10km classic course in the area of the biathlon range due to the rough condition of the trail from the summer's construction.

Also, about 10 dumptruck loads of (very clean) snow are being hauled from on top of the ice from some gravel pits to fill in about 80m of the Warmup Loop where it passes under the elevated walkway of the new building. This area has been driven over by contractors until the last few days. I skied this section last night. The area had not been groomed but there was plenty of snow, even though only half of the snow had been delivered (the other half will be delivered today.


Course Marking

All Saturday courses will be marked on Thursday. Sunday courses will be marked after Saturday's races are complete. We will not mark Sunday courses on Thursday and Friday simply because there's a limit to how many colors of markings we have. However, maps of the Sunday courses are posted in the warming hut and on the notice board north of the competition office, so, with basic map-reading skills, it should be possible to figure out the Sunday courses if you want to do that before Saturday afternoon.


Course Maps

JPEG and PDF versions of all course maps are viewable at:  PDF versions of maps should print better than the JPEG versions. 

The course map  files are about 275-350k each; the stadium maps are smaller files. I'm sorry they are so big, but doing them any smaller means they are too fuzzy to be useful.

Course maps and stadium diagrams are also posted on the notice board on the stadium and in the warming hut.


Getting Around the Stadium

The stadium, although basically the same, has changed significantly in appearance. We still start in the same place, we still finish in the same place, and the courses pass through the stadium in the same manner. However, things may look quite different to some skiers, and, thanks to the new stadium configuration and 2000 feet of fence, we will have much tighter control of the start and finish areas than in the past.

BE SURE TO GO OVER WITH YOUR ATHLETES HOW TO GET TO THE START. If your athletes are on the trail system and return to the stadium, they will need to cross from the infield of the stadium to the west side of the stadium in front of the old warming hut, and then follow the usual route to the start. From the center of the stadium, plan on 2-3 minutes getting to the start if there is a good crowd.

If a skier has warmed up on the trail and is coming up the last uphill on the warmup loop, he or she will be diverted from the trail at that point. They will not be allowed to ski under the pedestrian walkway to get to the stadium. If they depart to the right (west) they can walk to the start in 2-3 minutes comfortably.


Clothing and exit from finish

There will be a clothing drop adjacent to the start. Each athlete will be given a bag when they arrive at the start pen in which to deposit his or her clothes. After finishing the race, the competitors will exit along the edge of the start area, at which point they can retrieve their clothing. From the exit route, the competitors will emerge directly below/west of the timing building, from which point they can go to the warming hut or to the weatherport in the terrain garden area. Refreshments (cookies and drink) will be available either in the area beyond the finish, or at the clothing pickup point (we're still experimenting with our new configuration).


New Building

The new building will not be open for the Besh Cup events.  Scheduled opening date is Thursday, February 6, 2:00pm.


Waxing, Wax Testing, etc.

Waxing will be permitted in the old warming hut and in a weatherport in the terrain garden immediately behind the timing building. There should be sufficient electrical service.

Wax Testing and warming up will be permitted on the course throughout the race. However, it is not permissible to ski against the flow of the competition courses at any time, nor is it permissible to set up electronic testing devices on the course during the competition. Competitors who ski against the flow of traffic during the competition are subject to disqualification.


Bib Pickup

Bib (and start list) pickup will be in a newly erected log cabin immediately to the north of the timing building (between the timing building and the warming hut). This is the same location where bibs have been handed out in the past, it's just a different (and better and roomier) structure.

Please let me know by tomorrow night if you would like to have us gather bibs for your team. If you will give us a team list, we will gladly collect all the bibs and hand them to you each morning. This will also be a big help to us in keeping the bib pickup area less crowded and less hectic.

During Junior Olympics (and State HS Championships), this bib pickup building will be the Competition Office. For the Junior Olympics we will have a photocopier in the building for producing results.


Timing and Results

We will have a large digital display clock in the area of the start with the time of day displayed. If you want to make sure that your time of day is our time of day, go to the website for the National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST) atomic clock and set your clock by that time. The website is:

We also plan to have a beeping countdown clock at the start. The original clock we received was non-functional, so we returned it and were sent a replacement. At this time we are testing and learning how to use this clock. If we feel confident that it will function properly, we will use it, if not, we will start from the digital display clock.

Finish results will be printed and posted as soon as possible. Definitely they will be posted after each class/distance has completed their competition. Results will be posted on notice boards located immediately north of the bib pickup building.

Interim results will be posted to the web as the race is happening. Updates should take place every 5-15 minutes throughout the race. These can be viewed at:

More complete and "prettier" results will be posted to the web as early as possible after the completion of the competition at:

Copies of Saturday results will be available at the Saturday night pasta feed at West Valley HS, and some will be provided at Wedgewood Saturday after the races. We will also have some on hand on Sunday morning.

Sunday results will be posted in the same manner as Saturday's (including live web updates). We hope to have a meaningful number of copies on hand Sunday afternoon at the JO Team Announcement at West Valley HS.



I propose for a Jury:

Mike Miller, Technical Delegate (Assistant Technical Delegate for JO's)
Lin Hinderman, Assistant Technical Delegate (Jury member for JO's)|
Bob Stehn, CCAK Representative
John Estle, Chief of Competition (also for JO's)
Greg Whisenhant, Assistant Chief of Competition (also for JO's)

I propose this jury for these reasons:
Mike, Lin and I will be on the Jury at JO's, and it will be good experience for our coaches and skiers and this jury to work together.
I think it is important to have a CCAK representative on the jury because this is the final Besh Cup event.
I propose Greg Whisenhant in the place of our Chief of Course. There will be no Chief of Course on the Jury at JO's, and Greg will be functioning as part of, although not a voting member of, the JO Jury. (Other JO Jury members are Lee Todd, TD, and Luke Bodensteiner, USSA).

This way, coaches won't have to worry about making a meeting when they are trying to prepare for the race.



Real-time weather at Birch Hill is available at:

Current humidity and snow temperature data may be available by this weekend.

Weather underground weather (taken at the Airport - not very useful) is available at:

You can get information from a real, live air-breather at the National Weather Service at 458-3700.


Other Functions

All you can eat pasta feed at West Valley HS: Saturday night from 1700 until 1900

Alaska JO Team Announcement Sunday at West Valley HS: not later than 4:00pm, although it may be earlier.

Caleb Richardson, WVHS Coach, will open up WVHS as soon as he can get from Birch Hill to West Valley. Showers should be available at West Valley after the race.


Other Questions

If you have any questions on any points not covered here, please contact me.


John Estle, for the Besh Cup Competition Committee of Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks

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