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6th Annual
Williams Alaska
Town Race Series

Beaver Sports Classic / Duathlon
Saturday, December 8, 2001

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organized by NSC Fairbanks

General Information and Rules

This will be the first duathlon (non-stop pursuit) ever held in the Interior.  In order for this event to be a successful one, it is important that competitors and coaches familiarize themselves with the rules.   Adherence to the rules is simple.  Failure to adhere to the rules will result in disqualification.  Be informed and avoid invalidating your effort!

General Information

  1. The duathlon uses a mass-start format; faster skiers will be seeded in the front rows, with slower skiers behind
  2. The duathlon consists of a classic leg followed by a skating leg
  3. Normal tracking and obstruction rules are in effect for the race
  4. Competitors must remove classic skis after the classic leg, and put on a different pair of skis for the skating leg.
  5. It is not required that skiers exchange skiboots or poles

Preparation for Ski Exchange

  1. Skiers must place their skate skis in the skate-ski pickup area (second half of the lap lane) prior to the start
  2. Skate skis must be placed at the appropriate space, as indicated by the numbers placed in the snow: bib #1 must place her skis by number marker #1, bib #2 by marker #2, etc.

Ski Exchange Rules

  1. Skiers who violate exchange rules will be disqualified and will not be listed in the results.
  2. The ski exchange area is located in the lap lane
  3. The first half of the lap lane is the classic ski drop-off area
  4. The second half of the lap lane is the skate ski pickup area
  5. Between the classic ski drop-off area and the skate ski pickup area is a ski-free zone.
  6. Any competitor who possesses, carries, or conveys in any way, skis through the ski-free zone will be disqualified
  7. Competitors must enter the lap lane at the conclusion of the classic leg
  8. Upon entering the lap lane, competitors must remove their skis and place their skis in the ski racks which are provided for this purpose in the classic ski drop-off area.
  9. Competitors who are exchanging poles must leave their classic poles with their skis, and may not carry them into the skate ski pickup area
  10. After dropping off skis (and poles if the skier so chooses) the skier passes through the ski free zone and into the skate ski pickup area.
  11. The competitor will then pick up his or her skis, place them on the snow, and clip into his or her bindings before leaving the skate ski pickup zone.
  12. Upon leaving the skate ski pickup zone, the competitor skis the skating course and finishes in the finish lane

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